Linköpings Castle- and Cathedral museum

Welcome to a museum that focuses on the medieval period of Linköping Cathedral and the story of the medieval bishop’s house that became a royal renissance palace. In our exhibition you can make a digital journey through 900 years of history. To find out more about the digitisation you can watch this link;

Openinghours during the summer (22/6-16/8)

monday -sunday

12.00 – 16.00


Adults: 80 kr

Students: 60 kr

Children 7-18 years: 40 kr

We accept payment by card and Swish.

Guided tours

Guided tours in english can be booked. For more information, please contact us at

A little about the history

Linköping diocese, the bishops and the cathedral were the origins of the city of Linköping’s emergence in the Middle Ages.

Linköping castle was originally built as a bishop house but during the 16th century it was remodeled in to a royal palace and later on it became the residence of the governor of Östergötland. In recent years, extensive archaeological investigations have been carried out inside the castle and the findings made there have show that the oldest part of the building dates back to the 12th century. Those rooms are among the oldest in Sweden.

Linköping Cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in Scandinavia. The construction started in the 1220s and it is one of Northern Europe’s best preserved medieval cathedrals.

In our exhibition you can read about the life at the bishops house, about their work here and about the medieval society and life here in Linköping. You can also read about the building of the cathedral and the bishops house as well as how it was transformed into the palace that it is today.

The exhibition

Here follows descriptions of some parts of our exhibition.

Bishop Bengt’s tower room

Under the tower room’s medieval arches, there is an opportunity to see the results of the archaeological excavations carried out in and around the building. Here is also the oldest history of the bishop’s house and the cathedral depicted using models.

The treasure chamber

The museum’s treasure chamber displays the cathedral’s very beautiful textiles and unique silver objects from the Middle Ages and onwards. Here you can observe late medieval silk brocades and embroidery.

The Main Hall

In the Main Hall, we encounter a great model of the palace that show how it would have looked in the early 17th century. Within the hall we also show original stonework that after a renovation in the 19th century was taken from the south portal of the cathedral. The portal was originally built in the 14th century.

The Vasa room

In the Vasa room, we meet Bishop Hans Brask (bishop of Linköping 1513-1527) and the swedish king Gustav Vasa at a Christmas dinner in 1523. A scene from when Sweden moved towards a reformation of the church, from the catholic to the lutheran faith. Here you can reda more about that drastic turn i swedish history.